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Trust for the Best Vehicle Recovery System on the Market will help you rest easy knowing your car is securely protected with vehicle recovery and tracking anywhere. The LoJack vehicle recovery system is the perfect solution for peace of mind and protection wherever you’re traveling throughout the United States!


Watch how LoJack works!

With LoJack, you can track your vehicle and locate it quickly anytime when stolen or lost. This vehicle tracking and fast recovery system has a 98 percent success rate in helping you get your vehicle back - an impressive statistic every car owner should consider.

LoJack works by using GPS technology that interacts with law enforcement personnel nationwide. In fact, LoJack is the ONLY system fully integrated with law enforcement systems. The technology allows police to pinpoint your vehicle’s location and recover it within minutes of being activated. The average national recovery time is only 26 minutes.

Plus, LoJack’s GPS Protection warranty guarantees your vehicle will be recovered within 30 days of reporting the vehicle stolen or you are eligible to receive a benefit of up to $10,000.

David Breslow, founder of, has been a nationwide authorized dealer for LoJack vehicle recovery systems since its introduction in 1986. That’s nearly 40 years of consistent, quality customer service. has a well-earned reputation for quality and reliability when it comes to installation of this popular vehicle recovery system, so you know your car is in good hands.


Installation is Quick and Easy services customers in all 48 contiguous United States. Installation can usually be scheduled within a few days of purchase. And LoJack factory technicians arrive at your home or workplaceto complete the installation process.

Installers are discreet, so no one else will know where the vehicle recovery system is installed in your car. However, the installer notifies LoJack corporate headquarters about the exact location of the system in the unlikely event it would ever need to be serviced.

The installation process usually takes about 30 minutes and is thoroughly tested upon installation to ensure maximum performance.

If your car does turn up missing, the process of reporting the theft through the LoJack mobile app is very simple. Just a few taps on your cell phone will get your system activated for a fast recovery!

LoJack factory technician checking an installation inside vehicle

More Than Theft Recovery

Vehicle recovery is among the many benefits with LoJack. With LoJack’s convenient, easy-to-use app on your mobile phone, you can:

Keep an eagle eye on your vehicle and have peace of mind knowing where it is located anytime, anywhere.

Ensure your car continues to run smoothly with service notifications and one-click appointment scheduling! Avoiding breakdowns and keeping up on maintenance is easier than ever before.

Stay informed and up to date on recalls with the company’s convenient notification system. Schedule quick, free repairs at your local dealership.

Rest assured that no matter who is driving your vehicle (like one of your children or a lost elderly loved-one) you’ll know where your vehicle is located, how the vehicle is being used with real-time notifications for speed and location boundaries.

Get alerted when your battery is running low so you can stay on the move.

Unlock the story of your vehicle's journey–explore a map with real-time data on each trip, including dates and durations.

Keep track of your service records and maintenance schedules without ever having to rummage through the glove box. Simply visit LoJack's app for a comprehensive history.

LoJack guarantees your data stays private. You control who sees location, history, alerts and more.

No Monthly Fees

Your three, five, or seven-year LoJack subscription costs less than you’d imagine. When you buy from, your discounts make it even more affordable–up to $450 off retail.

3, 5 & 7-Year App Subscriptions available for any make and model vehicle. Get fast, convenient installation at your home or work.

3-Year Retail $995

Your cost


(Save $300!)

5-Year Retail $1,195

Your cost


(Save $400!)

7-Year Retail $1,345.00

Your cost


(Save $450!)

Total Prices Shown Includes:

  • The LoJack device Installed at your location
  • $10,000.00 Performance Recovery Money-Back Guarantee
  • Sales Tax

So why wait?

Buy LoJack from David Breslow and today for the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your car’s security. With its unmatched connection to law enforcement and recovery rate, it’s no wonder why millions have chosen LoJack as their go-to auto theft and recovery device. Buyers can rest assured that they’ve made the right decision when they purchase a LoJack vehicle recovery system.

Protect your vehicle today with and David Breslow. Simply click “I’m Ready To Buy” below or call (877) LoJack8 (877-565-2258).