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You’ve decided to install a vehicle tracking system on your car. Now you’ll want to select the most effective vehicle tracking device.

Choose LoJack, the car tracker that set the standard for vehicle recovery nearly 40 years ago.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a vehicle is stolen in the United States every 40 seconds. And the average recovery rate nationwide is less than 50 percent.

When you buy a LoJack vehicle recovery and tracking system, you get a direct connection to local law enforcement. With LoJack, you can rely on our 98 percent successful recovery rate – and an incredible average recovery time of only 26 minutes. You can have total confidence with the number one, industry-leading vehicle tracking system installed on your car. You can’t beat the value with the affordable LoJack cost.

Get your car protected with LoJack at the lowest prices – up to $400 off retail! With a three or five-year subscription, you'll be surprised at the discounted low price when buying a LoJack system. Buy here now on BuyLoJack.com and save more! Don't miss out on this cost-effective way to protect your vehicle from theft or loss with the LoJack vehicle tracking system.


Crime Doesn’t Pay When You Have a LoJack Car Tracker

“It has become very risky to be a car thief,” says David Breslow, founder of BuyLoJack.com. David has been an authorized nationwide LoJack sales and installation dealer since it first hit the market in 1986.

“Thieves don't know which cars have LoJack and which don’t. So, they’ve had to get creative. Some thieves steal a car, drive it a few miles and park it for a couple of days. If they return and the car’s still there, it’s a keeper.”

But with LoJack, the odds of the car still being where the thief left it are virtually zero. The police would have already located the car and returned it to the owner.

The LoJack vehicle tracking system uses GPS technology and works with a nationwide network of law enforcement agencies to help recover any stolen vehicle as quickly as possible. With LoJack, you’ll receive alerts if the vehicle is moved without your consent, ensuring you’re going to get your vehicle back fast - and often the car thief gets arrested.

The LoJack system notifies police with real-time information on reported stolen vehicles, allowing them to quickly track, locate and recover your auto. The system also gives LoJack subscribers innovative security features that other car tracker systems can't match, all with LoJack’s easy-to-use app for your smartphone.

BuyLoJack.com: the Best Place to Buy LoJack

When you buy LoJack from BuyLoJack.com, you get so much more than the most effective vehicle theft recovery and tracking system.

With your LoJack subscription, you will:

Receive a $10,000 financial guarantee. If your car is not recovered within 30 days, LoJack will award you up to $10,000.

Always know the location of your car – anytime and anywhere.

Stay informed of automaker’s recalls with convenient notifications, so you can schedule repairs.

Keep up on maintenance quickly and easily with one-click appointment scheduling and regular service reminders so breakdowns become a thing of the past.

Access data from each trip taking place in real-time including maps detailing duration and date.

Avoid being stuck by getting alerts when battery levels run low and need replacement.

You get all of these services without ever leaving home simply by keeping track of your vehicle through your smartphone. Say “Goodbye stress!” Protect your car investment and save money with the affordable app subscription LoJack cost.

3, 5 & 7-Year App Subscriptions Available for any make and model vehicle.

3-Year Retail $995

Your cost


(Save $300!)

5-Year Retail $1,195

Your cost


(Save $400!)

7-Year Retail $1,345

Your cost


(Save $450!)

Get fast, convenient installation at your home or work.

Purchasing LoJack is Easy and Convenient with BuyLoJack.com

At BuyLoJack.com, we’ve taken the hassle out of online purchasing. Once you buy the LoJack vehicle tracking system, LoJack's installation team will contact you to schedule an appointment. The certified LoJack technician will arrive at your home or work to complete the process. Technicians discreetly install the car tracker, so only you know you've got LoJack!

Once the installation is complete, you and your car will be protected by the best vehicle tracking system on the market today. Just click the Buy Now button below or call (877) LoJack8 (877-565-2258).