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When you buy a LoJack, you’re getting the most effective and only available vehicle tracking and recovery system directly tied in with law enforcement agencies nationwide. You’ll get your vehicle back fast, with a 98% recovery rate and an average recovery time of only 26 minutes!

That’s why David Breslow at became a nationwide authorized LoJack sales and installations dealer in 1986 – 37 years ago.

At, we understand the importance of ensuring your car is totally protected and safe. With LoJack, you can be assured your car is always monitored, no matter where you are located.

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About David Breslow — Representing LoJack for Nearly Four Decades

For over 37 years, David Breslow has proudly helped customers affordably buy the LoJack vehicle theft recovery and tracking system, the only system that goes beyond traditional tracking and locating.

David is a car guy. From the time he was 14 years old, he loved cars and the automobile industry. His first jobs after high school were at car dealerships just so he could be surrounded by the latest models.

But he was also what he calls a “news junkie,” keeping up with the world’s happenings by reading daily newspapers and following local newscasts and broadcasters – especially his favorite, Paul Moyer, a longtime KNBC anchor.

When it came time to choose a career, he combined his love for cars with his other dream of becoming a television news broadcaster.

David achieved widespread recognition for his automotive expertise with numerous appearances on television and radio, including high-profile networks like CNN. He is well known for his weekly “CARTALK®” segments, which appeared regularly on Fox's Good Day LA morning news show.

When LoJack was introduced in 1986, David knew the system would revolutionize how stolen vehicles were recovered. He jumped at the opportunity to become one of the company’s first nationwide dealers for sales and installations.

About LoJack

LoJack came to the market in 1986 using radio frequencies that were unique to each vehicle. Once a car was reported stolen, local law enforcement would access that vehicle’s frequency and start the search. Successful recovery rates were 90 percent or higher and often within 4 hours.

When LoJack was purchased by Spireon in 2021, their GPS technology expanded LoJack’s capabilities into fleet vehicles and rental car agencies.

In the past 20 years, LoJack's vehicle tracking systems have been installed in over 15 million new and used cars.

GPS technology enabled many additional features with the LoJack subscription, including service reminders, recall notifications, driving behavior alerts, low battery alerts, comprehensive trip history and a virtual glove box where you can access your maintenance reminders, all through the LoJack app on your phone.

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Why David Breslow and

David Breslow understands the disruption of having your vehicle stolen. He also knows the unexpected devastation of needing to spend or borrow money for a replacement car when your stolen vehicle is not recovered.

“Buying a new car is the biggest financial decision a person makes – other than buying a house,” he says. “You want to make that purchase on your timeframe, when you’re ready and not when you’re forced.”

Installing a tracker for your car may seem like overkill to some. But if you ever experienced the trauma and inconvenience of having your vehicle stolen, you’ll do what you can to avoid that unease and disappointment again. When you buy LoJack, you have the comfort of knowing you have the very best protection possible for your vehicle.

3, 5 & 7-Year App Subscriptions Available for any make and model vehicle.

3-Year Retail $995

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5-Year Retail $1,195

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7-Year Retail $1,345

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(Save $450!)

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Buy LoJack  at today for the ultimate peace of mind for your car’s security.

With LoJack’s unmatched connection to law enforcement and recovery rate, it’s no wonder why millions have chosen LoJack as their go-to vehicle recovery and tracking device. Buyers can rest assured they’ve made the right decision when they purchase LoJack.

Buy LoJack and protect your vehicle today.