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You may be wondering why you should install a stolen vehicle recovery and tracking system on your vehicle. After all, you’ve gone this long without one. Why buy one now?

If you’ve ever had your car stolen, you know the hassle of finding a new way to get to work, filling out all the paperwork and police report, reporting the loss to your insurance company and wasting a lot of time having to hassle with buying a replacement car, especially when this was not in your plans or budget.

Buy LoJack and save yourself from that costly trouble, with the most effective vehicle theft recovery and tracking system that has an unbeatable proven track record–and do it affordably.

Woman in parking garage realizing her car has been stolen

Here are just a few reasons why investing in a stolen vehicle recovery and tracking system makes sense:

Protect Your Car Against Theft

A stolen vehicle recovery and tracking service provides an extra layer of security to protect your car when it’s stolen.

Peace of Mind

Knowing you are protected in case of theft offers a great sense of comfort and peace of mind to vehicle owners. You can feel secure knowing you’ve taken all possible measures to reduce the risks associated with car theft.

Lower Auto Insurance Rates

Some auto insurance companies may offer discounts on premiums if they know the insured has taken preventive measures against auto theft – by installing a LoJack stolen vehicle recovery and tracking system – which greatly reduces their risk exposure for costly losses as an insurer.

Quick Response Time Once Reported Missing

Installing a quality stolen vehicle recovery and tracking service increases the chances to 98% for quickly locating your vehicle should it ever be stolen. This system will lead to quicker recovery time and less time spent dealing with the police and insurance companies.

Detect and Deter Other Crimes

A LoJack stolen vehicle recovery and tracking system will also help prevent criminals using your stolen vehicle in the act of crimes, such as bank robberies, burglaries, drug trafficking or other illegal activity inside your stolen vehicle.

With real-time monitoring of your vehicle's location, you can detect suspicious activity and take immediate action to protect yourself, family, friends and your property. Additionally, GPS tracking systems like LoJack can monitor driver behavior such as speed or sudden changes in direction, helping you stay informed of any questionable activity that may occur.

Monitor Vehicle Health

With LoJack, you can access detailed information about your vehicle's performance and health, like when you have a low battery. This information is especially useful with older vehicles that have higher mileage or mechanical issues that need to be monitored more closely than newer models.

Multiple Tracking Options

Buying a LoJack stolen vehicle recovery and tracking system provides a range of features including real-time updates, detailed reports, and geo-fencing capabilities. With geo-fencing you can set specific boundaries and receive an alert notification in the event your vehicle has moved beyond your settings.


Installing this effective stolen vehicle recovery and tracking service allows you to stay connected with your vehicle no matter where the car may go–giving you added control and contentment.

LoJack Has It All

With LoJack, law enforcement departments nationwide use the information provided through LoJack GPS technology, increasing the chances of recovering your vehicle with an astonishing 98% recovery rate with an average time of only 26 minutes!

Having a LoJack stolen vehicle recovery and tracking service will very likely lower your auto insurance premiums due to the extremely fast recovery time.

Installing a LoJack tracking system will make a difference in protecting you, your family and your vehicle. Look at the LoJack GPS tracking and recovery system as an added layer of total security for your vehicle.

Where to Buy LoJack

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