Rental Vehicles and Commercial Trucks


LoJack is highly effective for tracking all types and classes of rental vehicles and commercial trucks.

Rental vehicles and commercial trucks are costly to purchase and are often difficult to replace quickly.

When your rental vehicle or commercial truck is stolen and protected with LoJack, you’ve got an astounding 98% successful recovery rate Nationwide, with a fast recovery rate averaging only 26 minutes.

FREE installation at your location

$10,000 Performance Recovery Money-Back Guarantee

No monthly fees

Sales tax included in price!

Reporting your stolen vehicle or truck is also fast and easy – just make a few taps on your mobile cell phone LoJack App to directly notify law enforcement Nationwide to activate your LoJack system transmitter.

Importantly, LoJack is the only recovery device directly tied to law enforcement Nationwide.

Rental cars and commercial rental equipment are popular with thieves for the following reasons;

  1. They have high resale values, giving thieves opportunities to receive a lot of money.
  2. The vehicles can be stolen for a thief’s personal use.
  3. They can be used by your competitors to rent to their unsuspecting customers. provides the same low-price guarantee to protect your valuable rental vehicles and commercial truck equipment.

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It's Reliable

The LoJack system is called the "Edge M3," and it has a built in Global Navigating Satellite System receiver that continuously tracks and acquires multiple signals received from outer space satellites in order to compute the precise location and the speed of travel for your rental vehicles.

The LoJack Edge M3 system includes, among other components, two special elements - a processor and high-performance antennas. The antennas pick up the satellite signals, and the processor decodes the necessary information enabling you to view and track your rental vehicles from anywhere on your mobile cell phone.

It's Functional

The LoJack M3 system also has an internal Lithium-Ion backup battery, allowing for continuous operation when the device is disconnected from an external main power source.

A built-in 3-Axis Accelerometer enables motion detection and monitoring of driver behavior - an excellent way to observe responsible driving habits.

Its Design and Compact Size Is Easily Hidden, Installed by Our LoJack Technicians at Your Location

The LoJack M3 is designed to look like any other factory-installed part of a rental vehicle or commercial truck, and the compact size of only about 4 inches long - 1.5 inches wide and 1'2 inch thick makes it easy for our LoJack Factory Trained Installation Technicians to hide the system within the rental vehicle or truck, conveniently installed at your location!

Upon completion of the installation, our LoJack Technician will test your system to ensure maximum performance.

Buy LoJack today for the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to protecting your rental vehicle or commercial truck equipment's security.

LoJack is available for ALL types of vehicles and equipment

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(All Makes & Models)

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Sport Vehicles

Rental Vehicles
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